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    Building Products & Construction Q1 2021

    Q1 2021 Building Products Construction

    Largest Transactions Closed

    • Target
    • Buyer
    • Value($mm)
    • BMC Stock Holdings, Inc.
    • Builders FirstSource, Inc.
    • $3,038.92
    • Foundation Building Materials, Inc.
    • American Securities, LLC
    • $1,441.26
    • Interior Products Business & Insulation Business of Beacon Sales Acquisition, Inc.
    • Foundation Building Materials, Inc.
    • $850.00
    • Future Infrastructure, Inc.
    • Primoris Services Corporation
    • $620.00
    • General Tools & Instruments, LLC
    • Worthington Industries, Inc.
    • $120.60
    • Eco Window Systems, LLC/Eco Glass Production Inc/Unity Windows
    • PGT Innovations, Inc.
    • $108.00
    • Cornerstone Construction, LLC
    • Solar Integrated Roofing Corporation
    • $62.40
    • Scotbilt Homes, Inc.
    • Champion Home Builders, Inc.
    • $53.00
    • Industrial Business of Gibraltar Industries, Inc.
    • Pacific Avenue Capital Partners, LLC
    • $38.00
    • Century Homes Florida, LLC
    • Dream Finders Homes, LLC
    • $28.90


    Source S&P Capital IQ as of 4/12/2021 and PCE Proprietary Data

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    Data Assumptions

    This report represents transaction activity as mergers & acquisitions, consolidations, restructurings and spin-offs. Targets are defined as U.S. Based companies with either foreign or U.S. based buyers. Transaction information provided is based on closed dates only.


    EBIT - Earnings Before Interest and Taxes
    EBITDA - Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, Amortization
    LTM - Last Twelve Months
    TEV - Total Enterprise Value


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