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    Food & Agriculture Q2 2020

    Q2 2020 Food Agriculture

    Largest Transactions Closed

    • Target
    • Buyer
    • Value($mm)
    • Rockstar, Inc.
    • PepsiCo, Inc.
    • $4,550.00
    • Smart Foodservice Stores LLC
    • US Foods, Inc.
    • $970.00
    • Assets of Dean Foods Company
    • Dairy Farmers of America, Inc.
    • $433.00
    • Flavors Holdings Inc.
    • Whole Earth Brands, Inc.
    • $387.50
    • Five Production Facilities and Ledbetter Branded Retail Products of Empire Packing Company, L.P.
    • JBS USA Food Company, LLC
    • $238.00
    • 8 Additional facilities, 2 distribution branches, and certain other assets
    • Prairie Farms Dairy, Inc.
    • $75.00
    • 5 New York City stores and Distribution Center of Fairway Group Holdings Corp.
    • Village Super Market, Inc.
    • $73.20
    • Three Dispensaries of Arrow Alternative Care in Connecticut
    • Curaleaf Holdings, Inc.
    • $38.00
    • McArthur Dairy Assets in Florida of Dean Foods Company
    • Moishe Mana
    • $16.50
    • Business of Provide Commerce, Inc.
    • Farids & Co.LLC
    • $12.50


    Source S&P Capital IQ as of 7/6/2020 and PCE Proprietary Data

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    Data Assumptions

    This report represents transaction activity as mergers & acquisitions, consolidations, restructurings and spin-offs. Targets are defined as U.S. Based companies with either foreign or U.S. based buyers. Transaction information provided is based on closed dates only.


    EBIT - Earnings Before Interest and Taxes
    EBITDA - Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, Amortization
    LTM - Last Twelve Months
    TEV - Total Enterprise Value


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