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    Want Liquidity? Consider Selling a Piece of Your Company to an ESOP

    Tax Law Evolution

    General Crane USA Assets Sold

    PCE Advises Supply Source

    Financial Accounting Valuation – Fresh Start Reporting

    FLP Lessons from Tax Court: an Update

    Construction Industry Rebound May Be on the Horizon

    ESOP Valuation – Smoothing Versus Volatility

    Financial Accounting Valuation – The Effect of FASB 157 and 141r

    Why Now is the Time to Consider Selling a Business!

    Restructuring the Balance Sheet of an ESOP Owned Company

    PCE Serves as Advisor to Grainger

    Converting from a C to an S

    FAS 157 Brings Sweeping changes to Fair Value Standards

    America’s Infrastructure

    Keys to Understanding Your Company’s Value Drivers

    Selling Your Aerospace & Defense Business

    The Return of Mezzanine Capital

    Current Trends in Distribution

    Special Report: Investing in America’s Infrastructure

    Now is the Time to Make Gifts

    Business as Usual?

    Holman vs. Commissioner and Valuation Discounts

    PCE Advises Crane Rental Corp on Major Recapitalization

    Business Aviation – A Silver Lining in Civil Aviation Clouds?

    Success Despite the Economic Slowdown – Which Distributors are Winning and Why

    The Need for an Independent Board of Directors

    Wealth Transfers in a Slowing Economy

    The Economic Slowdown and Credit Crunch: What This Means for Distributors

    Florida Home Building – Price and Volume Equilibrium

    Volatility and the Valuation of Stock Options Living in the Zone

    Modeling, Simulation & Training: Middle Market M&A Activity in 2008 and Beyond

    Considering a Liquidity Event? Value Drivers for Distribution Businesses

    ESOP’s Role in Estate Planning

    Fairness Opinions and Living in the Zone

    All Money is Not Created Equally

    Wholesale Distribution: Valuation and M&A Activity Robust

    Construction – Lost in the Housing Hubbub

    Fairness Opinion Case Study: Business Judgement Rule Protection

    409A vs. FAS 123R: A Tale of Conflicting Valuation Methodologies

    Florida Home Building & Construction – All Building is Local

    Current Trends in the Mezzanine Market

    Does McCord Matter? Did it Ever?

    IRS Rules Governing Deferred Compensation (Section 409A) Allow for Significant Penalties

    PCE Advised The American Group of Companies and Its Shareholders

    Cash Held in Partnerships May be Subject to Significant Discounts

    Common Sense Analysis Paramount in Business Valuation

    Valuations: Looking Behind the Curtain

    Consolidation Trends Continue to Stimulate Defense Industry M&A

    Optics & Photonics: Seeing Clearly in Middle Market M&A

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