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    Succession Planning Video Series

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    PCE was pleased to join the Rawls Group and Bernstein Private Wealth Management for Succession Palooza, a multipart video series focused on succession planning.

    Dan Gavin with Bernstein Private Wealth Management, Michael Rosendahl with PCE, and Loyd Rawls of the Rawls Group discuss how business owners can seek succession through business growth and acquisitions.

    Jump to the following topics:

    Ep 1 - Acquisition and Business Succession

    Acquisition and Business Succession: Why You Must Have a Growth Mindset


    Ep 2 - Growth Through Acquisition

    Growth Through Acquisition: Finances, Timelines and Expectations


    Ep 3 - Growing Your Business and Net Worth

    Grow Your Business and Net Worth


    Ep 4 - Business Growth and Bench Strength

    Business Growth and Bench Strength: Recruitment, Retention & Development


    Ep 5 - Business Growth Consolidation and COVID

    Business Growth, Consolidation & COVID


    Ep 6 - Acquisition done Now What

    Acquisition Done! Now What? Hitting the Ground Running After the Close


    Ep 7 - Power Position Building Cash or Equity

    Power Position: Building Cash or Equity: Creating Flexibility & Maximizing Opportunities


    Ep 8 - Buying or Selling

    Buying or Selling: Determining What Strategy is Best For You


    Michael Rosendahl


    Michael Rosendahl, Shareholder

    Investment Banking

    New York Office

    407-621-2100 (main)

    201-444-6280 Ext 1 (direct)

    407-621-2199 (fax)

    Largest Transactions Closed

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    Michael Rosendahl


    Michael Rosendahl

    Investment Banking

    New York Office

    201-444-6280 Ext 1 (direct)

    201-444-6280 Ext 1 (direct)

    407-621-2199 (fax)

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