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    Is Your Business Rapid Response Ready?

    Best Practices for Identifying Buyers of Choice

    How Transportation Companies are Achieving Success through ESOPs

    Tax Reform Enhances ESOP Benefits

    Why Investment Bankers are Your Most Valuable Asset

    Exploring Your Exit Options: A Dual Track Process

    Post Acquisition Rebranding

    Tech Growth Fueled by Online and Mobile Device Demand

    PE Funds Adapt to Changing Investment Landscape

    Representations and Warranties: Your Safety Net

    A New Day, A New Way: Goodwill Impairment Testing

    Tips for Pre-Sale Due Diligence

    Dig a Little Deeper When Making Valuation Assumptions

    Observations from the AM&AA 2016 Winter Conference

    ESOPs for Healthcare & Insurance

    Providing Value, Not Just a Valuation

    Borrowing in Today’s Market: Traditional vs. ESOP Loans

    Someone Wants to Buy My Company

    The Litigation Blame Game

    Playing Defense Creates Value in the Long Run

    Appetite for Industrial Companies Remains Insatiable

    Valuing a Note: Principal = Value…NOT!!

    Exit Planning Should Start Now

    Who is in Your Corner? The Value of Hiring a True Expert

    Undivided Interests in Real Estate, Part 2

    Undivided Interests in Real Estate, Part 1

    Regulators Increase Scrutiny on PEGs and Public Companies

    Lending to Heirs – Valuation of Notes Receivable for Estate Planning Purposes

    Positive Energy Flowing Through America – an M&A Perspective

    Has the Mystique of the Foreign Buyer Faded?

    Wind Power’s Future in M&A Transactions

    Valuing a Medical Practice is More Than Just the Numbers

    Power Industry M&A is Just Beginning

    The Rise and Fall of Foreign Acquirers

    Estate Planning & Wealth Transfers – Has there been a better time?

    Natural Gas Creating Strong M&A Opportunities

    Grow Your Company Through an ESOP

    M&A Trends in the Industrial Services Sector

    Power Industry and the Power Play

    Financial Reporting Valuation – The Market Participant

    Fair Market Value Case Study – Not Your Typical Valuation

    Power Industry Surging

    Want Liquidity? Consider Selling a Piece of Your Company to an ESOP

    Tax Law Evolution

    Financial Accounting Valuation – Fresh Start Reporting

    FLP Lessons from Tax Court: an Update

    Construction Industry Rebound May Be on the Horizon

    ESOP Valuation – Smoothing Versus Volatility

    Financial Accounting Valuation – The Effect of FASB 157 and 141r

    Why Now is the Time to Consider Selling a Business!

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