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    ACA a Healthcare Industry Game Changer for M&A Transactions

    Has the Mystique of the Foreign Buyer Faded?

    Wind Power’s Future in M&A Transactions

    Valuing a Medical Practice is More Than Just the Numbers

    Power Industry M&A is Just Beginning

    The Rise and Fall of Foreign Acquirers

    Estate Planning & Wealth Transfers – Has there been a better time?

    Technology: Fueling the Growth for M&A in the Healthcare Industry

    Healthcare’s E-Health and Medical Device Sectors Positioned for Continued M&A Activity

    Natural Gas Creating Strong M&A Opportunities

    Financial Reporting Valuation

    Grow Your Company Through an ESOP

    Healthcare Industry M&A Trends and Drivers

    M&A Trends in the Industrial Services Sector

    Healthcare Industry M&A Activity Within the IT Subsector Thrives

    Power Industry and the Power Play

    Financial Reporting Valuation – The Market Participant

    Fair Market Value Case Study – Not Your Typical Valuation

    Power Industry Surging

    Want Liquidity? Consider Selling a Piece of Your Company to an ESOP

    Tax Law Evolution

    The Healthcare Industry’s M&A Trends

    Financial Accounting Valuation – Fresh Start Reporting

    FLP Lessons from Tax Court: an Update

    Construction Industry Rebound May Be on the Horizon

    ESOP Valuation – Smoothing Versus Volatility

    Financial Accounting Valuation – The Effect of FASB 157 and 141r

    Why Now is the Time to Consider Selling a Business!

    Restructuring the Balance Sheet of an ESOP Owned Company

    Converting from a C to an S

    FAS 157 Brings Sweeping changes to Fair Value Standards

    America’s Infrastructure

    Keys to Understanding Your Company’s Value Drivers

    Selling Your Aerospace & Defense Business

    The Return of Mezzanine Capital

    Current Trends in Distribution

    Now is the Time to Make Gifts

    Business as Usual?

    Holman vs. Commissioner and Valuation Discounts

    Business Aviation – A Silver Lining in Civil Aviation Clouds?

    Success Despite the Economic Slowdown – Which Distributors are Winning and Why

    The Need for an Independent Board of Directors

    Wealth Transfers in a Slowing Economy

    The Economic Slowdown and Credit Crunch: What This Means for Distributors

    Florida Home Building – Price and Volume Equilibrium

    Volatility and the Valuation of Stock Options Living in the Zone

    Modeling, Simulation & Training: Middle Market M&A Activity in 2008 and Beyond

    Considering a Liquidity Event? Value Drivers for Distribution Businesses

    ESOP’s Role in Estate Planning

    Fairness Opinions and Living in the Zone

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