Bridging the Financial and Communication Gap


When a company is in crisis, the resolution process can be complex and painful for all parties involved. For these situations, PCE has emerged as a “go-to” resource capable of driving distressed companies back to a stable position as painlessly as possible. PCE's systematic process provides detailed information flow, consistent updates, and the ability to react to the needs of your business.

Turnaround Consulting Services

Our financial management experience on the bank-creditor side as well as on the business-debtor side allows PCE professionals to “bridge the financial and communication gap” between management and creditors, and restore the trust required to move forward.

We assist companies struggling with:

  • Declining Revenues
  • Loan Payment Stress
  • Operational Inefficiencies
  • Insolvency
  • Financial Reporting
  • Other Economic Issues

Our Process


turnaround services


Step 1

Discover and Analyze

We take a comprehensive approach to understand your business by collaborating with stakeholders, key employees and business advisors. We review all aspects of your business, including, finances, customers, suppliers, personnel, marketing, production and contracts.


Step 2

Implement and Monitor

Based on the information we discover, we develop a comprehensive turnaround plan. We establish a 13-week cash flow statement to stabilize cash, provide recommendations to improve operational issues, minimize expenses and increase profitability. 


Step 3

Resolve and Recover

We act as the intermediary between your company and the bank to ensure information flow is consistent by performing detailed modeling and, if needed, valuation of your company. We address collateral excess or shortfall issues, monitor required capital and help you evaluate all options to satisfy creditor requirements. 



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