Valuation Report Comparison

The chart below compares the different types of valuation reports available and what you can expect to receive with each type.

The reason for the valuation and the nature of your business, as well as the percentage and type of interest to be valued will help determine the type of valuation report you need. 

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Comprehensive Report

Restricted Report

Diagnostic Valuation

Valuation Solution

Single Value 
 Single or Valuation Range

Valuation Range

Key Product Use

Used for all valuation types (prepared for regulatory agencies)

Used for most valuation types (not used for regulatory agencies)

Used for operating companies (strictly as a business planning tool)

Certified Report


Description of the company and the interest being valued


Exhibits supporting the conclusion of value


Operations Assessment**


Analysis of company operating fundamentals, key markets, and relevant industry data


Analysis and review of macroeconomic impact


Analysis of forward-looking financial information


Analysis of company financial ratios relative to industry peer group


Discussion of valuation methodologies and selection process


Discussion of economic and industry conditions and outlook


Discussion of company financial position and performance


Discussion of normalization and valuation adjustments and assumptions


Discussion of valuation input and Cost of Capital determination


Discussion of marketability issues and applicable discounts


**  Where applicable

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