As required by FINRA, our firm has created a Business Continuity Plan in case our business operations are interrupted due to a fire in our building, hurricane or other disaster (otherwise known as a Significant Business Disruption or “SBD”) that would prevent continuous operations of our firm.

We have taken the precaution of creating electronic copies of our books and records which are stored offsite at two locations. However, we do not store copies of paper documents given to us by you. In the event of an SBD we will continue in business.

Depending on the severity of an SBD we anticipate being fully operational within 24 to 72 hours. During that time we will be reachable thru telephone, voice mail and email if cable and telecommunication systems in our community are functional. If not, we will relocate our operations to an area where those systems are functioning. You should use the contact information that you have been using prior to an SBD to contact us.

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