What we do

We’ll help you answer those big strategic questions: What’s the condition of the company right now? What’s the financial forecast? What direction should you take next? How can you increase value? How and where can you expand? Our experts will deliver the in-depth analysis and insights you need to optimize your business performance. 

We’ll help you develop robust strategies for building value, identifying opportunities, and pursuing growth. The best strategic decisions start here. 


How we do it

Want to know more about the financial health of your company? Need assistance in budgeting or forecasting? You need a PCE Diagnostic Valuation. This proprietary process tracks the performance of your business over time and compares it to a matrix of benchmark measures unique to your business and industry. The result? An understanding of all the factors that influence your company’s future. It’s an essential health check. 

PCE provides a full complement of strategic analysis services

  • Strategic and business plans
  • Industry and competitive analysis
  • Profitability and expense analysis
  • Analysis of cash flow needs and liquidity options
  • Determination of specific business value drivers
  • Risk vs. return analysis
  • Capital budgeting and cost-of-capital analysis



Building Your 13-Week Cash Flow

Here's how to build a detailed weekly cash flow schedule, a useful tool forecasting tool for your business.

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