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Having the right game plan is key to executing a successful ESOP. We’ll deliver the playbook to put your strategies on track. First, our ESOP experts will consider the objectives of each shareholder. They’ll look at the specific circumstances of your company. Then they’ll draw up a full, detailed analysis to put you on the right path.

Our thorough process gives you the definitive answers you’re looking for, as well as an actionable plan to take you to the next step. 


We deliver an in-depth analysis

Our comprehensive ESOP planning covers all the bases. We start with conversation, in which we learn about your situation and outline different strategies to explore, to determine whether an ESOP strategy is right for you. Then we conduct preliminary valuations, analyze tax benefits, and work through the tricky financial modeling to ascertain the optimal transaction structure. It’s a fully cooperative and transparent process, involving all stakeholders. The result? An ESOP transaction plan that addresses all stakeholder and company goals.



An ESOP Feasibility Study

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