Experience growth with buy-side transactions

When acquisitions are critical to your growth strategy, our team can help you execute a buy-side transaction successfully.

We work with domestic and international businesses to develop and execute buy-side strategies to achieve growth objectives, penetrate new and exciting markets, and generate those synergies that are so important to achieving maximum value. Our experience in cross-border, international transactions provides you with a broader pool of highly qualified acquisition targets.

Recognizing that each transaction is unique and requires customized strategies, our team helps you determine which business to acquire, how much it’s worth, and how best to structure the transaction.

Unique fee structure

Our fee structure allows businesses like yours to investigate potential acquisition targets with a limited risk investment.

  • A one-time fee is charged to develop a strategy and identify and deliver a list of qualified targets.
  • A monthly fee will only be initiated after a letter of intent is signed . Our work does not stop at this stage. We continue to provide deal support including ongoing negotiations and due diligence.
  • A success fee is due at closing and is based on the transaction size.

Efficient acquisitions for maximum value

We blend our M&A expertise, worldwide industry connections, and finely honed sector knowledge with technology to run an efficient buy-side process and maximize your outcome.

PCE has a proven track record of driving complex transactions to quick completion. We conduct comprehensive research to identify acquisition targets, effectively structure and negotiate the transaction, determine capital needs and funding sources, and ensure that the terms of the sale support your objectives in every way.

With our track record of successfully helping companies execute on these strategies, you can trust PCE to identify the most viable acquisition targets. We have the market savvy and industry knowledge to best position your acquisition investment to achieve the optimal valuation post-integration.

Not only is our work on your deal comprehensive, leaving no stone unturned throughout the research, analysis, and outreach, but we accomplish this work efficiently and quickly. Our technology leverages artificial intelligence, workflow automation, and data analysis to find and connect with viable targets. Our proprietary deal flow methodology emphasizes finding off-market, high-value acquisition targets. This process allows you to pursue potential acquisitions outside a competitive auction, negotiate exclusively with sellers, and close transactions at below-market multiples.


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