Tailored strategies for your business transition

At PCE, we specialize in sell-side services for business owners considering transitioning out of their company or monetizing a portion of the equity they have built. We understand that selling a business is not just about finding a buyer and completing a transaction; it's about finding the right partner who aligns with your goals and aspirations. We work closely with you to design your ideal exit strategy, whether it involves partnering with private equity, staying on board to grow a larger organization, or achieving a quick or gradual retirement.

Our approach goes beyond the traditional buyer and seller focus. We aim to find the perfect partner, buyer, or scenario that meets your unique requirements. We recognize that selling your life's work involves more than just monetary considerations. It's about finding the right person to entrust your legacy to and ensuring a smooth transition. Whether you're seeking personal or business liquidity, we are here to guide you every step of the way.


Comprehensive support for your sell-side transaction

With a proven track record of helping middle-market business owners maximize the value of their companies across diverse industries, we specialize in guiding owners through the intricate process of selling their business. Our team of experts carefully assesses your company's value and identifies the most suitable buyers or partners to pursue. We offer tailored strategies to structure transactions that maximize your financial gains, whether you're months or years away from an equity transaction. 

From goal-setting to executing a successful sell-side transaction, our comprehensive support ensures you achieve your objectives. We provide guidance on defining your precise goals, developing a winning sales strategy, and structuring the deal. With our assistance, you can confidently make an effective, meaningful, and elegant exit when the time comes. Trust our team to be your reliable advisors, delivering the right results on both personal and business levels.

The Dual-Track option

Unsure whether you should pursue a traditional M&A transaction or an employee stock ownership plan?

We believe you should understand all your options, which is why PCE pioneered the Dual-Track sales process, which involves simultaneously pursuing a sale to a third-party buyer (a strategic buyer or private equity group) and a sale to an ESOP. This process allows you to evaluate and compare the most attractive liquidity alternatives that meet your goals.

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