Say goodbye to tax valuation guesswork

When significant tax consequences are at stake, you need complete faith in your advisors. You can rely on PCE’s valuation experts in this important area. We’ll structure gifts, estates, and conduct corporate tax planning to ensure your optimal outcome. Always compliant, always accurate, and always delivering the best for our clients. 

We vigilantly monitor estate planning rules, reporting requirements, and federal and state rules and incorporate any necessary changes into your plans in order to preserve the wealth you transfer to your beneficiaries, as well as appropriately assess tax liabilities.

Our valuation professionals have comprehensive experience dealing with the IRS review process — nationally, regionally, and locally. 


How we do it

Whether you’re looking for professionals to handle estate taxes or gift taxes, or to deliver corporate planning or estate planning, PCE has the time-tested expertise you need. When you work with us, you’ll receive a comprehensive report and opinion of value, backed up with empirical data and extensive research to support the valuation. You’ll get a defensible valuation that is 100% tax compliant. Our thorough and efficient approach will assess fair market value, determine appropriate valuation discounts, and consider every aspect of each situation to produce a detailed analysis that meets all relevant compliance requirements.

All estate transfers and gifts require an independent valuation. PCE advisors have the expertise to handle your valuation in a way that is tailored to your individual needs and goals.

Tax Planning and Compliance Valuation Services

  • Purchase price allocations
  • Legal entity restructurings
  • Worthless stock deductions
  • Debt modifications and cancelations
  • C to S Corporate Conversions
  • Stock option and deferred comp plans
  • Gift and estate tax planning



Navigating the Waters of Wealth Transfer

Discover effective strategies for managing wealth transfers. Gain knowledge about gift, estate, and GST taxes to ensure successful legacy planning.

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