Unlock the power of independent valuations

Looking for independent and transparent valuations across your entire portfolio? PCE is here to help. Portfolio valuation requires an in-depth understanding of the asset, the market, the company, and the competition. Our specialist team has the world-class experience you need, along with deep knowledge of the latest accounting guidance. 

Portfolio valuations face increased analysis from aggressive regulators, auditors, and investors. We guarantee a transparent and well-documented, defensible valuation that stands up to even the most sophisticated scrutiny. 


Reduce conflict and mitigate risk

Need to meet stakeholder requirements? Mitigate risk? Reduce conflicts of interest? PCE valuation specialists will meet these needs and more. We are experts in navigating the complexities of valuation requirements for alternative investments, including illiquid equity and debt securities, derivatives, and other hard-to-value securities. You’ll get audit-ready valuations that deliver.

Our professionals have a wealth of experience across different markets and industries. You can be sure we’ll speak your language.

Portfolio Valuation Services

  • Senior and Subordinated Debt
  • Convertible Debt
  • Preferred and Common Equity
  • Warrants and Options
  • Hybrid Securities



What is Your Post-Money Valuation? And Is It Correct?

Discover the keys to understanding your post-money valuation and ensure its accuracy.

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