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Our clients have big goals. Some envision the day they can open their doors in a different city, and others are looking to add top-shelf talent to strengthen their team. A few are looking to hand over the reins — as soon as they find the perfect successor.

Whatever you wish to accomplish, you can count on our experienced team to define, analyze, and present solutions that take you to the next step. And while you stay focused on what you do best, we’ll focus on what we do best: finding the deal that's best for you. 



The Complete Guide to Selling Your Business

From determining your objectives to taking control of your exit, learn the key concepts and strategies that will help you maximize the value of your business and ensure a successful transaction.

Mergers and Acquisition Services

sell side@4x

Identifying your best buyer, orchestrating the sale, and optimizing your value.

buy side@4x

Bringing only the best targets on board, structuring the transaction, and smoothly negotiating the deal.

Corporate finance@4x
Capital Raise

Negotiating the smartest terms for your capital needs.

Fairness Options@4x
Fairness opinions

Providing objective fairness opinions to ensure your protection.

Mergers and Acquisitions Resources

Catch up with all our latest news and developments

Selecting the Best Exit Strategy

By Michael Poole
17 May, 2019

Time Kills All M&A Deals

By Mike Rosendahl
21 July, 2022
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Investment Banking | M&A

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Michael Poole


Investment Banking | M&A

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Michael Rosendahl


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Woody Whitcomb


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