A bespoke approach to your complex valuation

Complex financial instruments are, by their very nature, difficult to value. They have unique, distinctive features that must be taken into account. Determining the true value of your complex financial instruments requires a bespoke approach. That’s where PCE excels. We’ll tailor a model specifically to your needs, ensuring we arrive at accurate and supportable values. 

To properly estimate the fair value of your complex financial instruments, we start by choosing the appropriate valuation model — one that will protect your firm or asset managers from burdensome scrutiny by regulators and investors.

You can depend on our renowned experts to deliver highly accurate and independent fair-value reporting of complex financial instruments. We make the complex simple.


Eliminate the uncertainty of your valuation

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to valuing complex financial instruments. Your PCE professional will build a financial model that fits your unique circumstances. It will be tailored to capture the instrument’s complexities — and to fully align with your personal perspective. 

At PCE, we perform comprehensive valuations for complex financial instruments, and we do so in a way that is designed to help you understand the rights and features that impact value. We create a coherent illustration of these rights and features, which we discuss with your team to ensure all parties have the same value expectations.

Our personalized approach eliminates uncertainty in valuing complex financial instruments. You’ll get an accurate valuation, regardless of how complex the overall instrument is.

Complex Financial Instrument Services

  • Derivatives
  • Contingent Consideration
  • Senior and Subordinated Debt
  • Convertible Debt
  • Preferred and Common Equity
  • Warrants and Options
  • Hybrid Securities
  • Equity Based Compensation in Complex Capital Structures



Valuation Issues in Complex Capital Structures

Learn when to allocate equity and how to value different equity classes in a complex capital structure.

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