Diagnostic ValuationTM

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Check Your Company’s Vitals

You know the importance of preventative healthcare for yourself and your family, but what about for your business? Just as a physician checks your vitals during a checkup, our Diagnostic ValuationTM checks your company’s vitals. 

PCE’s proprietary process tracks the performance of your business over time. We compare it to a matrix of benchmark measures unique to your business and industry.

The result is a customized report to help you understand:

  • The value of your business
  • How key performance areas of your business affect your value
  • How you compare to your industry peers

A Diagnostic ValuationTM of your company will provide the information needed for you to confidently move forward with critical business decisions. You will learn all the factors that influence your company’s future to use in your business’ strategic planning.




Download a sample Diagnostic Valuation report. (Sample report only - does not contain full report)

Download Sample Report

Operations Assessment

Included with the Diagnostic ValuationTM is an Operations Assessment of your business.

After an in-depth interview process, we perform an analysis of all your company’s operational areas.

You will be provided an assessment to help you leverage best practices through execution to maximize results. You’ll receive a list of actionable areas to reduce risk, improve profits and build value in your business. 

Click here to learn more about the Operations Assessment.

Under What Circumstances Do I Need a Diagnostic ValuationTM?

Clients choose to get a Diagnostic ValuationTM for many of reasons.

You may be evaluating an offer to sell your business and want to understand how the market values your business.

You may want to know how you compare to your industry peers to make informed growth decisions.

The Diagnostic Valuation is useful in financial planning for retirement and insurance purposes. And it’s ideal when you want to create some ownership incentives for your management team.

How Often Should I Get a Diagnostic ValuationTM?

Clients often choose to repeat the process annually. After their initial Diagnostic Valuation, owners of growing companies consider it a health checkup for their business. Business owners incorporate insights gained into action items for their strategic planning and are able to understand the factors that change their company’s value over time.

What’s Included in My Diagnostic ValuationTM?

Value Ranges for the Total Enterprise Value of Your Business

PCE uses a combination of valuation approaches with weighted factors most appropriate for your company to provide a reliable range of value for your business.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

KPIs provide insight into the financial and operational health of your business. Our analysis includes data specific to your company as well as industry data for benchmarking and comparison.

Included in the Diagnostic Valuation are six relevant KPIs for your business and an analysis on the key drivers of your value.

1. Growth Trends

2. Liquidity

3. Efficiency

4. Leverage

5. Profitability

6. Working Capital Analysis

A Comparison of Your Company with Your Peers

PCE takes your valuation a step further by comparing your company with industry financial data and industry ratios of comparable companies. In addition, PCE professionals identify recent comparable merger and acquisition transactions that are similar to your company.

An Explanation of How Your Value Range was Determined

You will receive an in-depth explanation of the valuation methods applied to determine your valuation ranges and the factors considered in the analysis. The data used to formulate the ranges will be provided so that you can see exactly how the valuation ranges were determined.

Budget and Financial Forecasting

You will also receive assistance in budget and financial forecasting including a:

  • Forecasted balance sheet
  • Forecasted income statement
  • Forecasted cash flow statement
  • Financial projection assumptions

Contact Us for More Information

Whether you desire to gain a better understanding of how to elevate your company’s performance by incorporating value drivers in your strategic planning, or need a company valuation because of a business requirement, a Diagnostic Valuationfrom PCE will help you better understand your company’s value and how to continue to increase your value over time.

Contact PCE today to find out how a Diagnostic ValuationTM can help increase your business value.

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