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Our clients have big goals. Many search for personal and business liquidity.  Some dream of the day they can open their doors in a different city. Others strive to add new talent to strengthen their team. A few are looking to hand over the reins–as soon as they find just the right successor. Whatever you wish to accomplish, you can count on our team to define, pinpoint, analyze and present solutions that allow you to take the next step. And while you stay focused on what you do best, we’ll focus on what we do best: getting the right deal done for you and your business.


Selling a Business

Guide to Selling your Business

From business owners selling a family-owned business, to companies undergoing a corporate divestiture, to an owner selling to management or an ESOP, to private equity groups looking to realize their investment in a portfolio company, the PCE team excels at helping business owners identify the right buyers, navigate the sale process and execute successful sell side transactions.

Are you thinking about selling your business?  Do you know if your business is in the best possible condition to reap the most advantageous outcome?  Read the Guide to Selling Your Business

Visit our Exit Planning Library to find additional resources to help guide you through the exit planning process.

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Buying a Business

When acquisitions are critical to your growth strategy our team can help you execute a buy side transaction successfully. We conduct exhaustive research to identify potential targets and bring them on board. Then we effectively structure and negotiate the closing of the transaction, assuring that the sales terms support your objectives in every way.

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Dual Track

PCE has pioneered the successful “Dual Track” sales process, in which the sale to a third party buyer ( a strategic buyer or private-equity group) and the sale to an ESOP are simultaneously pursued. This process allows business owners to evaluate and compare the most attractive liquidity alternatives that meets their goals.  

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Corporate Finance

A company’s fuel for growth is capital – either debt or equity.  We are skilled at assessing the correct type of capital needed to foster growth and support of your operations.  PCE understands corporate finance, and is experienced at negotiating the most advantageous terms and conditions to create stability in a growing company.  We have helped business owners negotiate varying solutions for their capital needs including:

  • Equity – both minority and majority
  • Mezzanine/Subordinated debt
  • Senior debt
  • Uni-Tranche facilities

The key to obtaining capital is presenting a clear and concise business plan in an organized manner designed to create competition amongst the varying capital sources.  Many of our team members have been lenders and equity investors who possess the knowledge and skills to lead you through the capital raising process.

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Fairness Opinions

In today’s business environment, corporate mergers, acquisitions, sales, financing and refinancing are subject to intense scrutiny by lenders, stockholders, and regulators. The opinion of an independent expert is critical for keeping the deal moving forward.

Our professionals can help provide objective, independent fairness opinions to ensure that you have the protection you need when executing your transaction.

We will:

  • Conduct a thorough evaluation of the business
  • Analyze the level of added value the transaction creates
  • Evaluate the anticipated methods of consideration
  • Assess the financial outcome of the transaction
  • Review alternatives considered by the company

The result is an opinion that will stand up in any courtroom or boardroom, and put fiduciaries in a position to make the most effective business judgments.

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Exit Readiness Assessment

Exit Readiness Assessment

Are you ready to exit your business? It’s never too early to think about selling your business or exploring liquidity strategies. Take 10 minutes to answer a few questions and find out whether your company is ready, almost ready or not ready for a sale.

No need to share any financial information; and any information you provide will be kept completely confidential. Your results will be emailed to you immediately.


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Exit Planning 

How to Close the Valuation Gap

According to IBISWorld, 98% of business owners do not know the value of their business or have an unrealistic idea of the value of their business.  Business owners who have unrealistic expectations about the value of their business can experience a ‘valuation gap’....

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