Strategic Analysis

If you want to know more about your company’s current condition or require assistance in budget or financial forecasting, then you need a PCE Diagnostic Valuation. This proprietary process tracks the performance of your business over time, comparing it to a matrix of benchmark measures unique to your business and industry. As a result, you will gain an understanding of all the factors that influence your company’s future, enabling you to incorporate those value drivers into your strategic planning and empowering you to regulate your company’s value.

The PCE Diagnostic Valuation evolved from PCE’s hands-on experience with business owners in middle-market companies all over the world. Clients who have undergone the process elect to repeat it every year, treating it as an essential “health checkup” for their businesses.

In addition to the PCE Diagnostic Valuation, PCE also provides the following strategic analysis services.

  • Strategic planning/business plans
  • Industry and competitive analysis
  • Profitability and expense analysis
  • Cash flow needs and liquidity options
  • Specific business value drivers
  • Risk vs. return analysis
  • Capital budgeting and cost of capital analysis

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