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The intersection of our Investment Banking and ESOP Advisory expertise is advising ESOP-owned companies.  We understand the different challenges that arise with transactions involving an ESOP, and will ensure that transactions are structured and completed in a manner that satisfies your key business objectives.

The most successful ESOP-owned companies are those that actively manage and plan with their ESOP in mind. Our ESOP advisors have the unique perspective of being fully engaged on ESOP transactions while having the firm perspective of the non-ESOP environment. We advise ESOP-owned companies on corporate finance and acquisition issues while keeping the intricacies of the ESOP in mind. Services to existing ESOP companies include:

  • Acquisition Advisory – advising on the acquisition of other companies
  • Corporate Finance – Raising capital for growth or refinancing
  • Transactions with ESOP – buying or selling stock involving the ESOP Trust

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