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In today’s business environment, corporate mergers, acquisitions, sales, financing and refinancing are subject to intense scrutiny by lenders, stockholders, regulators and the IRS. ESOPs have the added scrutiny of the Department of Labor (DOL). The opinion of an independent expert is critical for closing the transaction properly.  Our professionals can help provide objective, independent Fairness & Solvency Opinions to ensure that you have the protection you need when executing your transaction. We will:

  • Conduct a thorough evaluation of the business or assets
  • Analyze the level of added value the transaction creates
  • Evaluate the anticipated methods of consideration
  • Assess the financial outcome of the transaction
  • Review alternatives considered by the company

The result is an opinion that will stand up in any courtroom or boardroom and put fiduciaries in a position to make the most effective business judgments.

Our valuation experts also have deep experience in providing annual valuation updates for ESOP-owned companies.  Our involvement in ESOP transactions and third-party transactions give us the foundation to properly calculate fair market value for the trustees of the ESOP.

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