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    Ring in the New Year with Accounting Adjustments

    Succession Planning Video Series

    Red Flags in the Acquisition Process

    Tax Implications of Biden’s BBB Agenda

    Acquisition Deal Flow Made Easy! A Blueprint for Finding Quality Acquisition Targets

    Calculating Net Proceeds From a Sale

    Leveraging an Investment Banker for Your Acquisition Strategy

    Why Your Business Won't Sell

    Buy Side Transaction Process

    How to Guarantee the Success of Your M&A Transaction

    How Earnouts Close the Valuation Gap During COVID-19

    A Strong Workforce is Key to Business Value

    How Net Working Capital Impacts the Value of Your Business

    Will I be Able to Sell My Business in 2021?

    How Sales & Marketing Efforts Impact the Value of Your Business

    How the Growth Value Driver Enhances Your Business

    How Contracts and Agreements Enhance Your Company’s Value

    Take Advantage of the Employee Retention Tax Credit

    How the Human Capital Driver Enhances Your Business

    How the Facilities Management Driver Enhances Your Business

    How the Competition Value Driver Enhances Your Business

    How to Close the Valuation Gap

    Considering Selling Your Business?

    How the Financial Value Driver Enhances Your Business

    Understanding Value Drivers that Enhance Your Business

    Key Terms for Purchase Agreements

    Why the Main Street Lending Program Isn't Working

    The Election is Over. How Will M&A Respond?

    Don't Delay Fixing Your Distressed Business

    Key Considerations in an Equity Rollover

    How Will My PPP Loan Impact the Sale of My Company?

    The Economy, the Upcoming Election, and the Sale of Your Company

    How a Buyer Values My Business

    Key Terms to Know When Negotiating a Letter of Intent

    How to Structure the Sale of Your Business: Asset or Stock

    How to Survive Your Bank Debt

    Understanding the Different Layers of Debt

    How Synergies Impact What a Strategic Buyer Will Pay

    How PCE Runs a Socially Distant but Effective M&A Process

    Minority Transaction: A Liquidity Strategy for Reducing Debt

    Is Now the Time to Sell?

    A Business Owner's Guide to Surviving a Pandemic

    What Is EBITDA?

    A Seller's List of M&A Terms to Know

    Identifying Add-Backs

    A Roadmap for Preparing Your Distressed Business for Sale

    How COVID-19 Impacts EBITDA(C)

    A Guide for Business Owners Facing a Downturn

    6 Tips to Consider Before Filing for Bankruptcy

    Building Your 13 Week Cash Flow

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